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Title: Energy security in ukrainian gas sector: medium-term priorities of innovation activity
Authors: Salashenko T. I.
Keywords: natural gas
energy security
energy independence
energy efficiency
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Salashenko T. Energy security in Ukrainian gas sector: medium-term priorities of innovation activity / T. Salashenko // Integration processes in global economy. Aspekt Publishing of Budget Printing Center, Taunton, United States of America. - 2017. - Р. 77 – 94.
Abstract: Energy security is an attribute of national and economic security of Ukraine. To reach this target benchmark crucial steps must be undertaken which allow to increase domestic supply and to reduce national demand. So, the strengthening of energy security in the gas sector is divided into three separate but closely linked areas: maximization of internal gas production; the replacement of natural gas by others fuel and energy resources; the savings of natural gas in various stages of its transformation – which correspond to the three strategic objectives of energy security: energy independence, energy efficiency and energy conservation
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