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Title: Developing the mechanism of influence of HR policy instruments on the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity
Authors: Lytvynenko A. O.
Keywords: HR analytics
HR metrics
human resources
effective management
evaluation of the effectiveness
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Lytvynenko A. O. Developing the mechanism of influence of HR policy instruments on the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity / A. O. Lytvynenko // Держава та регіони. Серія "Економіка та підприємництво". - 2019. - № 6. - P. 75–80. (december 2019)
Abstract: The concept of developing the managerial mechanism to develop an effective strategy of organization’s HR policy development is introduced. In this case, the author’s hypothesis comes down to the necessity to subordinate the parameters of the organization criteria for effective HR policy to the interests of the main stakeholders of the integrated business structure related to the perception of the influence of threat factors and developing a reaction to such an impact. The concept of information support to ensure effective business performance is introduced. The system of hypotheses and theoretical principals to improve the effective application of HR policy instruments to manage economic and production systems is determined. The organization process is disclosed using the methodology of structural analysis and modelling. Since the identification of entrepreneurial interests is based on the formation of an architectural model of integrated education, the process of developing an effective strategy for the development of personnel policy of the organization is presented in the form of appropriate tools defined within this model. The theoretical and methodological basis to organize effective management of economic security has been formed and the toolkit has been developed to plan the main technical and economic indicators of the enterprise performance, taking into account the proposed measures. Evaluating the effectiveness of HR company policy is examined from the point of view of its orientation towards ensuring the functioning of the management mechanism in the modern management system. The results of the analysis to implement the effective HR measures allow us to determine whether the selected personnel strategy is appropriate, favourable and productive. The basis of such evaluation is the analysis of the comparison of costs and results connected with department performance as well as the analysis of their impact on the results of the company in dynamics. The evaluation results are problems indicators of the staff work and the quality of performed work, employee’s satisfaction, staff turnover, etc.
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