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Title: Features of organizational culture of multinational organization
Authors: Jianping M.
Keywords: organizational culture
multinational organization
concept of "organizational culture"
value approach
corporate culture
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Jianping M. Features of organizational culture of multinational organization / M. Jianping // Економіка та суспільство. - 2022. - № 39.
Abstract: Nowadays, business environment is changing dynamically, forcing organizations to focus on the use of new resources, to operate them effectively, especially in the context of international business. One of these resources is the organizational culture as an important factor in increasing the company’s level of competitiveness. The study of the term "organizational culture" in modern economic science occupies a leading place in theoretical and practical aspects of organizations’ activities. The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze the characteristics of the organizational culture of a multinational organization. It is proposed to single out the following approaches to the concept of "organizational culture": value, socio-psychological, and economic. There is a general category in each of the proposed approaches to the concept of organizational culture (value, socio-psychological and economic) that we can clearly see in all definitions - the values or value orientations of the individual. This allows a person to decide on the admissibility or inadmissibility of behavior, to understand how he/she must act in a particular situation. For a multinational organization, it is most appropriate to use a value-based approach to understand the concept of “organizational culture”. Within the framework of this approach, organizational culture is the core of the organization (value approach) and acts as the basis for stable organization due to the stability of certain values, norms, principles, rules of activity, etc. This is very important for a multinational team, which is much more difficult to manage in the dynamic conditions of modern business than a mono-national team.
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