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Title: Analysis of European experience in improving public administration mechanisms
Authors: Radzikhovskyi Ye.
Keywords: transformation
European integration
administrative rebranding
information technologies
principle of public involvement
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця
Citation: Radzikhovskyi Ye. Analysis of European experience in improving public administration mechanisms / Ye. Radzikhovskyi // Управління розвитком. Т. 20 – № 3. – С. 29-35.
Abstract: No country is capable of building a progressive society without resorting to systematic modification of the model of public management, as the states of the Baltic Sea region have proven by their own example. The relevance of the analysis of the public administration mechanisms of the Baltic countries is explained by the success of the modernized policy of the administration system in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whose experience is a vivid illustration of successful reform and the desire for permanent socio-economic growth. The purpose of this scientific work is to study the multifaceted components of the functioning of the updated concept of public administration of the Baltic republics through the prism of European integration processes within the countries, in particular. The leading methods of research work were the methods of analysis and generalization, with the help of which the key means of improving the public sector of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia were revealed in combination with the method of comparison, which made it possible to compare the public management models of the three Baltic states. This article reveals the importance of the implementation of innovative decisions by subjects of power in order to realize the civil liberties of the population and ensure the principles of public administration. It was established that the change in the principles of state leadership in the Baltic states was due to the preparation for joining the European Union. In particular, the idea of interaction between state institutions and the civilian population was introduced, the latest information technologies were involved, and an anti-corruption policy was implemented. It was determined that the reformation of the public sector depends on ensuring its smooth functioning. The practical value of the mentioned scientific work lies in the possibility of using its materials in the process of developing reform solutions for the reconstruction of the public administration system.
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