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Title: Features of design of digital aids for training students with autistic disorders
Authors: Bilousova L. I.
Gryzun L. E.
Volkova N. P.
Keywords: ASD-students’ training
digital aids design
digital transformation of education
e-simulator for ASD-students’ speech encouragement.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Bilousova L. I. Features of design of digital aids for training students with autistic disorders / L. I. Bilousiva, L. E. Gryzun, N. P. Volkova // CTE 2020: 8th Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education, Kryvyi Rih, Dec. 18, 2020. – Kryvyi Rih, 2020. – P. 221-232.
Abstract: In accordance with the aims of the paper, it is covered essential peculiarities of the design of digital aids for ASD-students. They are distinguished coming from the analysis of common learning and social difficulties inherent to the trainees with autistic disorders; needs for their speaking habits development; advantages of special digital support in terms of facilitating ASD-students’ training. The distinguished features essential in the process of the digital aids design are demonstrated on the example of the development of an e-simulator for young ASD-students’ speech encouragement. The main stages of its design and functionality are characterised. It is emphasised in conclusion that the developed digital simulator due to its functionality helps to overcome a number of problems faced by young ASD-students. The problems are specified.
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